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PokéChat – Lessons for 24/7 website chat from Pokémon GO fad

Pokémon Go

Pokémon players around the clock show the value of 24-7 website chat

Dealers often question the need for boat dealers to have 24/7 website chat and text, and the onset of the Pokémon GO craze actually answers that question. In more than 30 countries from the states to Slovenia, people are chasing imaginary Poké characters around in the real world.

So what’s the connection between these little digital dudes and boat sales online? That question was answered the other night when I was out walking my dog around midnight. I have a nice twenty-something couple that lives next door and the wife just about walked into at a Poképace me trying to track down a Pikachu…or was it one of the other 150 creative critters? I’m not sure, but I AM sure that millennials who are willing to play a mobile video game at all hours are just as likely to shop online for their next watercraft.

People play Pokémon GO and shop for boats around the clock

People play Pokémon GO and shop for boats around the clock

People play Pokémon GO and shop for boats online around the clock

Do you want more proof that people live online around the clock? Spend a few minutes late at night in Denny’s or Starbucks, or take a look around the next time you catch an early flight. Everyone is doing something online all the time. That’s exactly why boat dealers who want to boost website sales by 50 percent or more from the same traffic need managed chat from BoatChat. We partner with cutting-edge marine retailers who want to start the sales conversation with boat and yacht shoppers in cyberspace. Our operators are available to respond to chat and text requests around the clock with unparalleled processes and technology.

High-speed chat tech with SignalR servers, proven word tracks that convert to chat and text conversations to leads and sales, well-trained operators, TRUSTe privacy certification and nearly a decade of successful chat experience, are just a few reasons dealers trust BoatChat. Soon the novelty of Pokémon GO players tracking down Mewtwo, Ash, and Charizard will fade, boat shoppers will continue visiting websites around the clock. Our 24/7 website chat and text will boost your chances of making these sales. Call, chat, or text us now to schedule your quick demo.

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