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Six ways yacht dealers benefit from managed chat

Chat can increase website leads by 50 percent or more

yacht dealers benefit from managed chatYacht dealers benefit from managed chat because each website visit is critical. Professionally managed chat from BoatChat is the quickest way to boost internet leads from your website by 50 percent or more with our highly trained chat operators using the latest chat technology.

Our scientifically-tested and proven website integration proactively starts conversations with online shoppers. Our well-trained chat operators can assist visitors with everything from basic questions like hours and location to more complicated assistance with inventory searches and even hand them credit applications.

BoatChat operators have the most cutting-edge live chat console in the boat sales industry. Some of the world-class tools at their fingertips include:

  • Operators can see what page shopper is viewing, as well as their history
  • Ability to see what shoppers are typing while it is being typed, so they can respond more quickly and increase chance of gathering quality lead information
  • Geo location information
  • Hundreds of pre-written responses for nearly every scenario that have been A-B tested most effective
  • Timed response delay so multiple responses from the operator are received by the shopper at a ‘natural’ pace
  • Automatic transfer of email and phone number to appropriate lead fields when shopper provides them

In addition to the best chat console in the industry, operators also have the best training. Each operator is trained for 40 days or more before they begin communicating with customers. In addition they are directly supervised and performance is evaluated monthly on 19 different metrics.

While the human element is critical to generate quality lead information, without the absolute latest technology, these skills would be moot. BoatChat servers use the latest generation of chat server protocols. Our SignalR chat servers ensure the highest signal reliability, especially on mobile devices. With half or more of all yacht dealer website traffic coming from mobile devices, this reliability is critical. In addition, BoatChat website code is proven to have no measurable effect on page load speeds, which protects Google search engine ranking, and has been tested to ensure there is no form lead cannibalization.

With a measurable increase in leads of 50 percent or more, there is no question yacht dealers benefit from managed chat, if they choose a high-performance partner, and BoatChat leads the industry.
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