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The most important thing about our online chat service for boat dealers is our people and the processes through which we generate more leads – but that does not take away from the importance of our innovative chat software. Built from the ground up for the boating industry, BoatChat has the power to give our operators or yours everything they need to keep your website’s visitors informed.

Technoilogy is important, but we also make sure that it’s intuitive. From direct integration with your dealership’s inventory to co-browsing with your visitors, we have made the software easy to use regardless of how savvy the operator is with technology.

The key to the success of our software is that we’re always improving it. With 28 full-time engineers and developers testing and adjusting the software, we’re able to stay ahead in the constantly evolving online world. That is how we are able to keep our clients on the cutting edge.

What Separates BoatChat from the other chat providers in the marine industry:

Intuitive SoftwareIntuitive Software that’s Ready to Go

Whether you take advantage of our managed chat services or if you’re operating the chat software at the dealership, our software is able to be implemented quickly on your web properties. Once you sign up, you’ll plug in information about the dealership that will automatically populate the scripts available on the chat interface. It does this intuitively – no need for the dealership to plug information into the script. Our software takes the information and puts it where it needs to be within the BoatChat interface. It takes no time at all to be up and running with amazing chat software on your dealership website.

Behavioral TargetingProactive Behavioral Engagement

The way that people reach your website and even particular pages helps to determine how BoatChat software proactively engages them. For example, if someone reaches the website through a search for “Cobia Fishing Center Console”, we can take this behavioral data and address them appropriately with the right message that is most likely to encourage them to contact the dealership. This type of behavioral targeting gives your website a personalized feel and that separates the experience they have with your dealership from the experience they have with your competitors.

Information NOW!

One of the main reasons your website visitors engage in chat is because they want information quickly. Maybe they are not quite ready to pick up the phone and call. but they have questions that they feel can not wait. The software gives operators instant access to information your website visitors want, allowing them to answer questions in real time to improve their experience. BoatChat streamlines the buying experience.

Mobile InterfaceEnhanced Mobile Interface

So many aspects of our digital lives are going mobile. You won’t always be at your desk when a message comes in, which is why our mobile interface is the best in the industry, allowing you full functionality even if you’re out on with a customer. From their perspective, the experience is even better. BoatChat pioneered the mobile chat interface for the boating industry and we’re constantly improving it to match every device, operating system, screen size, and mobile website type so that your customers can chat with your dealership when they’re on the go… even if they’re at your competitor’s dealership at the time!

SMS Text to ChatSMS Chat

Our SMS “Text to Chat” allows a website visitor to start a chat by providing their mobile number and communicating via text. Our SMS Chat makes it very easy to connect with today’s mobile web users who often prefer text messaging over any other form of communication.

GeoTargetingMost Accurate Geo-IP Data

The amount of data available and the ways that it can be utilized is constantly growing. Location-based data can help determine where your customers are from and how to better interact with them. Everyone is using this data. Not everyone is using the most up-to-date information available. Our use of MaxMind gives us an advantage over the competitors because the data is more accurate than any available to the boating industry. We do not use outdated information like most chat providers. Our regular update schedule means we can give you actionable data about your customers that you can trust.

SecurityAdvanced Security and Privacy Protocols

Between privacy issues, hackers and security threats that plague the internet, many people are becoming cautious of any form of interactions that do not appear to be secure. BoatChat utilizes the most advanced security and privacy controls on our software to ensure that your website visitors can feel at ease to communicate through BoatChat. We then take the next step of separating out all visitor information into individual databases per subscriber. This account isolation keeps your data completely separate from anyone else on the platform.

TranslationInstant Two-Way Language Translation

It would be nice to have a multi-lingual team operating chat for your dealership because of the diversity that continues to grow in North America. With BoatChat software, everyone is multi-lingual! Our interface will translate dozens of languages instantly. This happens in both directions; if they are typing in Spanish, it will translate it into English. Then, when you reply in English, it will translate back to them in Spanish. Our software is so intuitive that they could even switch languages in the middle of the chat and our software will make the appropriate adjustments.

Inventory IntegrationInventory Integration Within Interface

Most people are coming to your website to see vessels. The challenge with most chat software is that the operator often has to bounce back and forth between the console and the website to find the appropriate boats and send them back to the website visitor. With BoatChat, you will be able stay in your chat with the customer thanks to our inventory integration. Find the watercraft you want them to see without ever leaving the console, then co-browse along with them to the exact location on your website.


Some of the other features of BoatChat software:

  • Visitor Browsing Control: Don’t just link to the pages where you hope your website visitors will go. With BoatChat, you’ll be able to take them directly to the page.
  • Smart-Form Integration: Our software will recognize lead information such as phone number and email address, and plug it directly into the lead form that goes into your CRM.
  • Departmental Parsing: Whether they’re chatting with you about sales, or service, the leads can be sent to the appropriate department.
  • All-Mobile Interface: It doesn’t matter if you have a traditional mobile site, an adaptive mobile, or a responsive site. Our software works with all of them.
  • Visitor Chat Preview: See what your visitors are typing while they’re typing it to get a head start.
  • ROI-BOT Integration: Our leads and information can be accessed directly by ROI-BOT, a third-party analytics analysis system by PCG Digital Marketing.
  • Proper CRM Transcript: It’s hard to describe how difficult it is to read transcripts as they come into your CRM unless you’ve actually had to do it. No line breaks. One long paragraph. Unpleasant. With BoatChat, we plug it into your CRM in a format that you can easily read and cross-reference.

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