Get BoatChat for free for 30 days,
then it’s $495 per month until the end of the year!


BoatChat is offering dealers Live Chat Software and Services
at No Cost for 30 Days!
Then it’s $495 per month for the rest of 2020.

Add Facebook Marketplace support for only $295 a month free for first 30 days).

Convert online shoppers into sales, service and parts leads with 24/7 live chat on your website.
  • Leads sent to your CRM, SMS/Text or Email
  • 24/7 Managed Live Chat Support – We chat for you, or you handle the chats and we provide 24/7 backup support
  • Video Chat feature – free until the end of 2020
Let us show you how we can help your dealership with this special offer.
No monthly fee for first 30 days. After 30 days, it’s $495 per month until the end of 2020.
Offer excludes current clients.

Call 1-800-601-0682 or contact us here for complete details.

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