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Fully Managed Chat Support Service for Marine Dealerships

“Support” means many things to BoatChat. Our team’s highest priority is to support our clients by serving their website visitors with the utmost professionalism and helpfulness. We also know that each of our clients has unique needs that require different levels of involvement from us. That is why our live chat support service can be fully managed at all times, or can act as a backup to be there when your boat dealership’s team is unavailable.

The most important thing that we support is the success of the boat dealership itself. Everything we do, from training to thoroughly tested scripts, is designed to delight your website visitors convert them to actionable leads. There are many services out there that attempt to help boat dealers in this manner, but only BoatChat has the experience and focus to make the live chat on your marine dealership website as beneficial as possible.

Some of the things that separate BoatChat from the other chat providers in the marine sales industry:

Chat OperatorChat Professionals Who Take Chat “Personally”

Every managed chat service attempts to get leads in some way, but only BoatChat keeps our operators’ goals perfectly aligned with the dealership’s goals. We have implemented a bonus structure that rewards our team for successes in both lead generation as well as customer service. Operators must maintain exceptional support numbers while engaging in a high percentage of chats that convert into sales leads for the dealership. That is why our support staff’s average tenure is over three years.

Winning SolutionConstantly Improved Lead-Generating Scripts

There’s a key to success with online chat that few are able to recognize. Some say that natural, “on the fly” conversations work best. Others put the chat communications in the hands of seasoned sales professionals. The challenge with both of these options is that the numbers just do not compare to our thoroughly researched and tested responses to the real questions that website visitors ask.
It’s not a function of feeling. It’s a function of science.
Let us show you how our constantly-evolving scripts improve customer relations and increase lead-generation across the board.

24-7Complete Chat Management or Backup Coverage 24/7

You never want your chat service to be offline. If you are currently using people to man the chat who cannot be there at all times, or if you’re using a chat service that turns off at night or on weekends, we strongly recommend switching to an “always on” system in order to maximize efficiency and to always be there when your customers are online. Many people do their research late at night or before leaving for work in the morning, which means that chat is often the only option they have to get instant answers to their questions in real time. Slow or offline chat reduces the number of leads. It also denies your visitors of the customer service they expect before making one of the most expensive purchases of their lives.

TrainingMore AND Better Leads Through Constant Training

Generating leads through website chat is relatively easy. Most chat providers go straight for the lead the moment any question is asked. Even if a website visitor asks something simple such as, “are you open on Labor Day,” many chat operators eagerly ask for contact information. If the visitor gives them the information, they count it as a lead that they generated – even if the visitor isn’t really interested in buying. BoatChat gets more higher quality leads by answering questions and establishing trust before gathering information. Our staff is trained to recognize conversation paths and assist your website’s visitor while gathering the contact information of those who are truly interested in buying a boat.
More leads. Better leads.

Some of the other features offered through our chat support services:

  • Customized to promote your dealership’s message: There’s a big difference between “standing out from the crowd” and “sticking out like a sore thumb”. Our proactive chat will portray the right message and fit in seamlessly on your website.
  • Developed and improved by boating professionals: Everything from our scripts to the testing of photos & names is designed and continuously improved by people who have worked at dealerships before. Experience makes a big difference.
  • Flexibility: We will work with you to determine which level of support is best for you. Some need a fully managed chat solution. Others just need BoatChat to fill the gaps when the dealership personnel are not available.

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