Why live chat works so well

why live chat works with BoatChat

Boat dealers often ask us why live chat works as an add-on to their website. The truth is that despite all the technology put in to websites, they remain essentially passive. Sure, there are compelling graphics and specials links and a list of inventory, but at the end of the day it’s more like a dealer lot after hours. The hours and phone number are posted on the wall and the prices may or may not be on the inventory. What live chat, and especially managed chat, does is provide dealers a chance to be ‘open’ around the clock.

Proactive invite is one reason why live chat works

Dealers can proactively greet visitors just as a salesperson would on the lot. Adding a proactive popup is literally the digital equivalent of holding out your hand and asking a website visitor what you can do to help them. Properly executed, fully managed chat can make a substantial difference in website lead counts. In fact, with cutting edge software and SignalR server technology, as well as the best-trained operators in the industry, BoatChat boosts form lead counts on dealer websites by as much as 50 percent or more. One key factor to consider is that half or more boat dealer website visitors are using a mobile device, so quality chat on mobile is a must.

Handled by dealer staff or third party operators, the goal isn’t to try to sell boats through a chat conversation. The primary goal of live chat is to generate quality lead information for the sales team or BDC. The secondary purpose of chat is to answer basic questions for boaters looking for a new watercraft or service appointment, including job or credit application links, and help begin the process to help the store address customer service issues.

Nearly (if not all) watercraft shoppers begin their process online. They check out information sites, OEM sites, classified listings, and finally, dealer websites. Typically 60 to 75 percent of shoppers never return a second time, making them ‘unique visitors’. That is precisely why dealers need to do everything possible to grab their attention and collect their contact information – and why quality managed chat around the clock is so critical. BoatChat is the best live chat provider in the marine industry. Call, chat, or text today to schedule your online demo.

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