Boat dealer chat not just for OEMs

 MasterCraft NXT20 Global EditionWhen MasterCraft wanted to connect with boat dealers for a product launch recently, it leveraged new technologies, like live chat and live video broadcasting. Now, that’s slightly different than the boat dealer chat we offer for websites, but it still leverages technology to help boost boat sales.

And chat technology isn’t limited to boat manufacturers. It is extremely affordable for boat dealers to have chat on their website so shoppers can communicate with a live operator around the clock and start the sales process. In fact, MasterCraft actually took advantage of chat and video technology because they were launching their NXT 20 power boat in the $50k range and connecting with dealers can be a challenge even when talking about boats in the $100k price point.

Chat can help boost boat dealer conversions

Boat financing, dealer hours, boat inventory questions, boat repair questions and other topics all come up during a chat conversation with boat shoppers. BoatChat’s live chat operators have a substantial list of tools at their disposal. Because they can see what the shopper is typing before they hit SEND, they can begin looking for the answer before the shopper is done asking it. Using our custom-designed chat console, operators can not only send links to prospective buyers, but they can even open up web pages like the credit application or directions in a new browser window for the shopper.

Dealers who want to connect with in-market shoppers and boost boat sales from their website have a simple and cost-effective means to do that with BoatChat. And the next time MasterCraft or another OEM launches a boat that grabs buyers’ attention, we can be there around the clock to answer questions on your website. Call, chat, or text today to schedule a quick online demo.

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