Chat & Text Connect Boat Dealers with Would-Be Boaters

Increase boat sales with live chat and text from BoatChat.

Increase boat sales with live chat and text from BoatChat.

More than one-third of Americans went boating last year

It is estimated that 142 million Americans went boating in 2016, according to a National Marine Manufacturers Association study published in The NMMA will use the 2016 Recreational Boating Participation Study to boost participation on the water, and we know that managed chat and text is a critical means to connect with shoppers on boat dealer websites.

It’s no secret that most people under 40 use smartphones. And they use smartphones to shop. And communicate with retailers. And make purchases. Chat and text are the ideal website tools to make this connection. Not only do they greet shoppers on the website, which is the virtual lot or the showroom, but they offer guests a LIVE PERSON with whom to communicate. That is key. Many people are reluctant to submit a form lead or even make a call but WILL choose to engage with a communication tool.

One of the biggest reasons for someone to click through a chat or text link is that it starts out anonymous. They may be reluctant to give up information right away. But we know a well-scripted live chat operator (like ours at BoatChat) can help provide them basic information and earn trust in the dealership to share lead information for the dealer to connect.

Chat operators can help with hours, listed inventory searches, directions, key contacts, phone numbers, event information, and more. BoatChat operators have an average of four years of operator experience, and some have nearly 10 years serving customers online. In addition, they are directly supervised by BoatChat managers.

Call, text, chat, or even Facebook message us today to schedule a quick demo.

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