Get More Boat Sales Leads from Facebook with

Facebook Messenger as a sales tool

Boat Shoppers are on Facebook.
Here’s a great way to connect with them through Messenger and BoatChat.

Facebook is now a primary way most people use the internet, and the user base of Facebook Messenger continues to expand. Even people who abandon Facebook still use Messenger.
BoatChat’s innovative and proactive live web chat platform and support services can help you get more qualified boat sales leads by perfectly integrating with Facebook Messenger. Many of your customers are already comfortable with Messenger, so there is no reason not to use popular messaging platform to connect your social followers. You can do exactly that with our industry leading live chat software and highly trained live chat operators.
Start selling more with Facebook Messenger and BoatChat.

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Why BoatChat?

Solutions to fit your needs. From self-serve chat software to fully-managed chat, we have you covered. We even pioneered the concept of backup support in which we fill the gaps when your team is unavailable.

24/7 support. We aren’t just there for your customers at any hour of the day or night. We’re here for you as well.

Comprehensive integration. It’s as if we’re part of your staff. We initiate the most complete setup process in the industry so that we have the information that your customers expect.

BoatChat is the only solution that was built specifically to serve the unique needs of the marine industry.