Marine Dealerships: Accelerate Sales with BoatChat

When most marine dealerships are spending millions on drawing attention to their websites via online and offline marketing, the race to sell boats and yachts is not getting any easier! Online advertising and search engine marketing are a multi-billion dollar industry for good reason – it gets people to the website. But many dealerships are not getting all the sales leads they can from that website traffic.

Why spend more on increasing traffic when you can convert a larger percentage of visitors into actual boat buyers?

Speed up boat sales with

The BoatChat Difference

With our live chat, you can change your marine dealership website into a dynamic and interactive platform that converts casual website visitors into qualified sales leads. Most dealer websites have no conversion optimization and these websites have less than 2% of visitors coming back for an eventual purchase. For some boat dealers, the number of sales generated by the dealership’s website almost makes it not worth the cost of the website!

Since leads generated from your own website have the highest closing ratio, here’s where steps in. Our proactive live chat system is cost effective and very useful in converting website viewers into boat buyers. can improve your website conversion rate by as much as 60% to help you make the most of the traffic your website receives.

While we do understand that sales and after service features are important aspects of Boatchat, we also have the best visitor behavioral targeting that drives our chat solution. It is our focus on lead generation that makes’s managed live chat a runaway hit among boat dealers.

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