Live chat on mobile is key to boat sales during Final Four

BoatChat generates the most sold units for marine dealerships

Live chat on mobile devices is key to more leads for boat dealers

About a bazillion people will be watching the NCAA Final Four basketball championship games this month now that March Madness is over. What are many of those viewers going to do while they watch the game on TV? Everything possible on their phones, including shop for watercraft.
Now that internet usage on smart phones and tablets has surpassed desktop computers, boat dealers need their websites and overall digital marketing strategy optimized for smartphones. A key part of that strategy should be BoatChat’s live chat for mobile devices. BoatChat takes full advantage scientifically-tested technology to generate the most sold units of any live chat provider on marine websites.

More than half of website traffic is from mobile devices

Since half to three-quarters of website visitors are “unique”, there is really only one chance to make a connection and capture quality lead information. This is why effective managed chat is so important. It gives dealers a chance to increase lead counts from contact forms by up to 50 percent or more. According to Global Web Index data in this report, 80 percent of internet users own a smartphone, and there are several key chat features dealers need for proactive chat on these devices. These include:

  • Live Chat code optimized for mobile devices
  • Proactive popup chat invitation (exclusive to BoatChat)
  • SignalR chat technology and high-speed hardware
  • A seamless interface
  • Efficient code that doesn’t slow page load speeds and lower search engine ranking

These are basic chat principles unique to mobile devices. These are in addition to chat fundamentals like quick response times, an effective chat operator console, scientifically-tested responses, and much more.

Another reason you want a managed chat partner you can trust is that shoppers aren’t the only people watching the Final Four. Sports events and holidays can create staffing challenges for dealers who want to handle chat in-house with a self-managed option. Regardless of the device shoppers use to chat with boat dealers, it is critical that well-trained operators are on standby 24/7. And for boaters shopping for their next toy on a smartphone, having a quality mobile chat option is paramount.

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