Chat & text boost boat dealership staffing and sales during winter months

BoatChat is ideal generate more boat sales leads and sales during the holidays

BoatChat is ideal generate more boat sales leads and sales during the holidays

Just because the polar vortex makes it snowmobile season across much of North America doesn’t mean boaters aren’t shopping on your website, and BoatChat 24-hour chat and text operators can start the sales process with visitors. If you’re tracking your boat dealership website traffic, you know that there are still shoppers interested in boats and marina services. You have two choices: you can hope they fill out a form, or you can install a proven live chat solution from BoatChat that includes monitoring around the clock. This can boost website leads by as much as 50 percent or more.

These operators are specially trained and have proven scripts that maximize lead creation from chat and text conversations. It’s rare that small, medium, and even large boat and yacht dealers can have staff members standing by every minute of every business day to answer a chat request within 6-10 seconds. And success after hours is virtually impossible.

Chat is a must to capture more website lead information

That is why a fully-managed chat option (or at least backup chat support) is a must to capture lead information from boat shoppers who are leaving without a conversation. With a backup support option, dealer staff are first up to take a chat or text, and BoatChat operators take over if they aren’t able to respond or are offline. It is an additional lifeline to more boat sales during the holiday season and other slower months – especially when there may be less staff. In busier months, website chat and text provide a welcomed boost to lead counts and unit sales.

While sales are the key focus of Return on Investment (ROI) of chat and text, the revenue generated by other departments provides a welcomed boost. The service and parts teams can enjoy a lift, and marina services, boat rentals, and events also come up in chat conversations.

If your dealership is ready for more sales, call, chat, or text us today for more information.

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