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Website experts say live chat is a must-have

24 hour Live chat on boat dealer websites is key to increasing sales

24/7 live chat on boat dealer websites is key to increasing sales

We’ve been using the internet for e-commerce for 20 years now. Everyone knows that having a quality website is a must. But there are a lot critical pieces that boat dealers must have to sell boats online.
PCG Consulting outlines several of these key technologies in the 2016 edition of their book, Mastering Automotive Digital Marketing, by Brian F. Pasch. This is the textbook Northwood University uses in their curriculum. These tools are called ‘Tier 1’ investments, and they include:

  • A responsive website with inventory displayed
  • Inventory photos
  • Display page enhancement tools
  • Updated website content and landing pages
  • Website heat mapping
  • Dynamic call tracking
  • 24×7 managed chat
  • Call monitoring and alerts
  • Equity mining
  • Online videos

“With chat in place…dealers are also able to collect valuable contact information without waiting for a lead form to be completed,” Pasch writes.

Chat on boat dealer websites

Live chat discussed in Automotive Digital Marketing Book by Brian F. Pasch

Live chat discussed in Automotive Digital Marketing Book by Brian F. Pasch

Each Tier 1 investment demands careful consideration, but an easy choice is BoatChat to handle live chat for dealers around the clock. Our team has nearly a decade of experience on the leading edge of the tech industry developing chat software and processes that generate a notable lead boost on dealer websites.
Dealer websites are open to shoppers around the clock, and chat operators act as a virtual operator. They can help shoppers with key information, including hours, online inventory, and key dealer contacts. They can also help visitors navigate the website and find key pages like credit applications.

When chat operators serve online customers with basic information, they have a great chance of collecting quality contact information. Chat leads typically close at the same rate as website form leads, so dealers can generally expect an increase of sales from their website of 40 or 50 percent or more. Call, chat, or text us today to schedule a quick demo.

PCG Consulting has a wealth of digital marketing resources that can be found here.

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