Don’t kill your SEO with the wrong chat

The SEO experts at say things that slow page load speeds (like some chat code) can hurt a website google ranking.

The SEO experts at say things that slow page load speeds (like some chat code) can hurt a website google ranking.

No matter how much time, energy, and even money boat dealers invest in Search Engine Optimization for their website, it can all be a waste if chat or other website add-ons are slowing page load speeds.

About two years ago, Google implemented new page speed requirements. This means that if a boat dealer website loads too slowly on mobile or desktop, their placement on search engine results will drop. This means a dealer that used to show first in search results could be lower on page one, or push to page two or beyond.

BoatChat code does not slow page loads

Not only can page design and individual elements like javascript code and images increase the load speed, but add-ons and plug-ins like live chat widgets, popups, and other shopper engagement tools can substantially slow down loading speeds. We had website providers tell us they appreciated BoatChat because it has virtually no impact on page load speeds because the code is loaded asynchronously. We were skeptical that this was a real issue, so we actually asked Google for the scoop.

“On desktops, people don’t seem to be bothered if it takes an extra few seconds for a website to load,” said Al Awadia, Automotive Account Manager for Google Canada. He explained that on mobile if it takes too long, shoppers are quick to hit the back button, and that Google computers see all of those millions of pages that didn’t load.

Not all website chat and text on boat dealer websites are the same. BoatChat is not only the best and quickest way for dealers to boost lead counts – and sales – from their website, but using the WRONG CHAT can actually hurt sales if boat shoppers can’t find your dealership in a Google search.

BoatChat has been carefully engineered to ensure it has virtually no effect on page load speeds, and it can also help sell more boats. Call, chat, or text us today for more information.

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