Quick Answers Are Critical with Live Chat

BoatChat operators prevent the chat time bomb from going off

BoatChat operators prevent the chat time bomb from going off

The clock is ticking when a customer request to chat pops up on the chat operator’s screen. Every second a shopper on a boat dealer website waits for an operator to begin a chat conversation increases the odds they will cancel the conversation. The situation will blow up and the sale opportunity will be missed. Chat operators must answer a chat request within 10 seconds. In fact six seconds or less is ideal.

BoatChat chat operators respond within 6-10 seconds

There are 14,400 minutes in each day, and it can be challenging for dealer staff to be available within a few seconds’ notice just during business hours. And what about customers who want to chat with a live operator after hours or on Sundays? That’s why using BoatChat operators to respond to chat requests full time or as a backup to dealer staff is the ideal choice.

Cutting-edge technology, time-tested processes and pre-written responses, and software tools designed specifically to sell boats all help dealers generate more website leads. But it’s the well-trained operators that make the greatest difference. BoatChat operators average five years of tenure, with some who have been with for nearly a decade. All these factors combine for BoatChat to help boat dealers boost sales from their website by as much as 50 percent or more.

Each element of the live chat experience for shoppers is critical, but if it doesn’t begin in a hurry when they request a conversation, the dealer risks losing a sale or service opportunity.

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