There’s Chat… and then there’s BoatChat!

lead generation - full speed ahead

More boat sales – Full Speed Ahead!

For marine dealerships that want to get more sales leads online, just having a website is really not enough anymore. Most boat dealers have a website and social media, which means you have to put forth some extra effort to stand out from the crowd. The first thing nearly any digital marketing expert will tell you is that you need to rank well in Google search, and be active in social media. But what happens after you bring all that traffic to your website? Are you able to give visitors all the information they need along with all of your key selling points – just with the content of your website? You can hope so, or you can take it a step further and actively engage with your potential customers while they visit your website with live chat.


All Live Chat Options are NOT Created Equal

You have probably encountered live chat widgets on websites. Most of the time these are free add-ons which do little more than annoy users by popping up incessantly – yet there is not a real person on the website’s end of things. Just bots. Furthermore, most of the live website chat add-ons are generic. They do whatever it is they do the same way every time, no matter what the purpose of the site may be.
BoatChat, on the other hand is made specifically for marine dealership websites seeking to generate more leads and sell more boats.

Here are just some of the ways BoatChat is a superior product compared to other website chat options:

  • Finely-tuned website interface with icons, tabs, and proactive popup invite
  • Comprehensive, award-winning chat console
  • Ongoing software development to leverage latest technology
  • Latest high-speed server technology
  • It won’t slow down your site, which may cause a drop in Google rankings
  • Pre-written scripts proven to generate leads
  • Detailed chat analytics
  • Operator teams are directly supervised and measured on 19 performance metrics

BoatChat is committed to providing the best managed chat program and chat software serving the marine sales industry. Contact us or check out our pricing options today to learn how we can help your marine dealership generate more leads and sell more boats.

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