Rev up boat sales using live chat for up to 60% website lead bump


It’s rare to find a successful boat dealer who doesn’t have his sales team walk outside or across the showroom to welcome a boat shopper to their store with a good handshake and a cheerful greeting. So why not extend that that logic to the website? That’s exactly why forward-thinking boat dealers add our high-performing live chat to their websites.

If you take a look at the ‘unique visitor’ count on your boat sales website, that number is typically 60 to 75 percent of total visits. That means NONE of those shoppers are going to return, and you want to make every effort to reach out and engage them to provide them answers to their questions and capture contact information for a quality lead.

There are a number of reasons that shoppers choose to chat on a boat website. Among them are

  • Ask about pricing
  • Check on product availability
  • Learn about boat sales specials
  • Schedule boat service
  • Inquire about boat parts
  • Submit a credit application for a boat
  • Apply for a job at a boat dealer

Adding live chat to boat dealership websites actually gives shoppers the benefit of a live person to assist them with their website visit. The customer benefits from having streamlined access to information on the boat website, and the dealership earns the right for the live chat operator to ask for their contact information. With BoatChat live chat support, an operator can not only pass a shopper a website link, but in many cases they can even open another browser window, so the credit application or specials page remains open on the screen or device once the chat conversation is finished.

With BoatChat, a dealer can expect an increase in website contact form leads of 40 to 60 percent or more, with negligible cannibalization of forms. Every element of BoatChat makes a difference in the shopper’s experience, as well as both the quantity and quality of leads. Icons, pre-written responses, operator response time, server and software speed, and performance of the operator console all contribute to BoatChat’s leadership in the boat dealer website industry, with the highest conversion of unique visits to sold units of any managed chat provider. Call or chat today to schedule a brief online demo and learn how to rev up your boat sales!


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