Forbes says live chat is important; we say 50% more website leads

Highest customer service ratings are from chat says ZenDesk

BoatChat uses well-trained operators to help boat dealers boost website sales.

BoatChat uses well-trained operators to help boat dealers boost website sales.

Boat dealers tell us every day they don’t see why they need live chat on their website. But this Forbes article by contributor Steve Olenski last fall says “the importance of live chat cannot be overstated”.

He explained that by making customers feel more important it helps increase customer satisfaction. We know that giving boat or yacht shoppers the option to chat with a live operator can boost lead counts on dealer websites by 50 percent or more.

Boat dealers know they don’t have the staff to chat

To their credit, boat dealers understand that they would struggle to meet the staffing challenges to handle live chat in-house. That’s why a partnership with BoatChat is so ideal. Our operators are on standby 24 hours a day to help answer customer questions and (more importantly) collect quality lead information that helps lead to a sale. Chat leads from the dealer website typically close at the same rate as other leads from the dealer website, which tend to have the highest closing ratio of ANY lead source.

The Forbes article referenced detailed data from a ZenDesk study that credits with chat with the highest customer service scores. A support software company, ZenDesk published that chat has a 92 percent satisfaction score, followed by Web Forms and Email (85%), Facebook (84%), and Twitter with the lowest (77%).

Shoppers live online and live chat gets more popular every day. If Forbes writers recommend it, isn’t it worth a look? Call, chat, text, or even Facebook message us today to schedule a quick demo and to see how live chat can boost YOUR sales.

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