Live chat with dealer staff or BoatChat operators?

BoatChat operators help dealers sell more boats

BoatChat operators help boat dealers sell more boats

Deciding whether to have dealer staff carry on live chat conversations with shoppers or use BoatChat can be a challenge for boat dealership online sales and marketing departments. In fact, it was just such a conundrum that led to the creation of BoatChat. The CEO was looking for a better way to respond to live chat requests on his website when he realized that his staff was missing as many as 40 percent of chat invites on his website.

It was then that he entrusted a friend with internet sales experience to handle the conversations during and after hours. His friend programmed a phone with answers to the most common questions but did not want to keep answering chat requests after hours. So he handed off the phone – with the answers still programmed – to his sister. Using these pre-written responses, she was able to convert more leads than his dealership team.

It was then that he discovered that a well-trained chat operator who consistently responds to shoppers with tested answers is the ideal strategy for the best lead results from website chat. BoatChat operators now have hundreds of pre-written responses that cover virtually every scenario.

BoatChat operators have regular training and performance evaluation

One of the ways BoatChat ensures its operators can represent boat dealers as good – or even better – online is to provide regular training, as well as performance reviews on 19 metrics. How many dealers are able to do that with their in-house staff?

With decades of dealership experience, the owners and managers at BoatChat are absolutely committed to ensure dealership website visitors who chat with operators receive a great experience. In addition our live chat operators provide quality leads that help the dealership sell more boats! Isn’t that the whole objective of digital marketing?

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