A Single Solution For New Lead Generation and Customer Support For Boat Dealer Websites

sales and support

Live chat for marine dealership websites is not just for 24/7 customer support and answering customers’ questions. Today’s boat shoppers do require immediate attention and fast support that can easily be provided via live chat. But don’t forget that a live chat strategy can also be more about sales and lead conversion.

BoatChat is not just a customer support tool. Our managed live chat system can generate new leads, rather than just giving other sources of leads a little push.

Proactive Managed Chat Software

BoatChat targets website visitors who would have left your website without calling your boat dealership, and engages directly with them while they are on your site. With our cutting-edge chat technology, we gather all kinds of customer behavior data, including buying preferences and shopping habits. BoatChat is data driven software that gives your dealership an opportunity to turn website visitors into qualified leads. Our managed live chat system brings your website to life and encourages visitors to talk via our chat operators.

Anytime Support

BoatChat handles customers even when your business is not open. Many website visitors become frustrated when they click on chat and there is no one to respond. Our state-of-the-art live chat is capable of dealing with incoming chats any time of day.

BoatChat’s software operates on all digital and mobile devices. We also integrate Facebook Messenger and SMS text messaging so your customers can communicate with you on whichever platform they – or you – prefer.

Call 1-800-601-0682, or contact BoatChat right now to get started.

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