Be sure chat and text are on your website for boat show season

Extra website traffic from boat show season on your dealer website means chat and text are a lead booster

Extra traffic from boat show season on your dealer website means chat and text are a huge lead booster. Photo: Miami Boat Show

With boat show kicking off in Chicago next week, boaters, yachters, and sailors will start thinking about what to put on the water this spring. The snow from Winter Storm Helena may still fresh, but boaters are surely thinking about making waves.

Use website chat and text to supercharge boat show leads

Thousands of brochures and business cards will be handed out at the shows. Then when shoppers get home, they will be hitting the internet for more information on their next watercraft. When they land on your website, you want to do everything you can to get their contact information. The best way to ensure you generate as many leads – and sales – as possible is to add live chat and text from BoatChat.

Our live chat and text is the digital equivalent of a dealer staff member walking out on the lot or in the showroom to greet a customer and offer assistance. It gives the dealership a chance to capture as many as 50 percent more leads on their website than forms alone. Instead of just hoping that visitors feel motivated to fill out a form, a BoatChat operator can have a conversation 24 hours a day to answer questions and capture quality lead information.

Chat and text leads are among the highest-performing leads for boat dealers. Don’t miss this chance to leverage the additional website traffic from boat shows.

Call, chat, or text today to schedule a quick online demo.

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