Spring Forward into Higher Boat Sales

Boost lead counts with the right digital marketing tools

Spring forward with BoatChat

It may be snowing or raining today, but fresh air and open water are never far from the boater’s mind. As retailers and manufacturers gear up for boat shows across North America; yacht dealers, boat dealers and marinas should take a look at their digital marketing strategy to attract website traffic and generate leads. A key piece to that strategy should be a quality live chat solution with managed chat full time or as a backup.

Many dealers may not see themselves in the eCommerce market, but watercraft shoppers most certainly ARE. Maybe your website doesn’t have a shopping cart, but boat and yacht shoppers on your inventory pages are certainly putting their top choices in their mental cart. A few key pieces of technology you definitely want to include in your digital portfolio include:

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus
  • Customer Relations Management (CRM) – tracking leads, consistent follow-up, marketing to past and potential customers
  • Responsive Website – a website optimized for boat shoppers on mobile devices is a must in the digital era
  • Live Chat – dealers need to proactively start a conversation with shoppers on your website. It is worth looking at a proven managed chat provider to respond to chat requests around the clock as a full-time or backup option. Ensure that mobile chat is your vendor’s highest priority

The first two tools are important pieces of a big puzzle that help drive internet traffic to your website. CRM is key for building and maintaining relationships. The quality website is self-explanatory, and live chat technology can add 50 percent or more to website form lead counts with the right partner. We’re 20 years into internet marketing, and the one consistent factor is that technology changes every day. As a boat dealer, you don’t need to be on the cutting edge, but you do need to stay on top of digital marketing technology to maximize your boat sales.

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