Five reasons to put live chat on your marine dealer website

The quickest way to sell more boats through digital marketing

Photo: Sea Ray

Photo: Sea Ray

Let’s say you’re a Sea Ray dealer and you sent out an email to your boat owners letting them know that you’ll be having a party to show off the new 450 Sundancer at your marina that was introduced at the Yachts Miami beach event. A number of your owners opened the email after hours and like the looks of this new craft, with its Axius or Xeus power packages. They visit your website while they’re watching a late night television show and decide they want more information.

After a few minutes on your boat dealership or yacht dealership website they are unable to find any information. It is at this crossroads where you as a dealer want a surefire way to ensure you collect their information, and you have three possibilities. First, you can hope they call that night and leave a message (very rare) or the next day, but they may cool off. Second, there’s a chance they will sift through your menus, find your contact page and submit an inquiry, but even then the extra steps can become a roadblock because it can be too much work AND there is often skepticism that someone will contact them. Finally, because you’re committed to success with digital marine marketing, you’ve added 24-hour managed chat, and the inquisitive boater clicks through to ask for more information.

Our well-trained operator answers a few questions about hours and managers and provides his full contact information so someone from the store can connect with him the next day. The shopper sleeps well knowing he may be on track for his next boat, and you can rest well knowing your website is PROACTIVELY generating leads around the clock with chat.

Let’s say this ISN’T you, but you’ve been toying with the idea of putting chat on your website. Here are five reasons to commit to this revolutionary technology:

  • Provide an alternate communication channel for past, present, and future marine customers
  • Have a live operator available 24-hours a day, seven days a week (with BoatChat)
  • Generate leads for the sales and service departments
  • Address customer service issues with their watercraft or the dealership
  • Sell more boats and yachts

As digital marketing in the marine industry continues to carve out bigger chunks of dealer and marina marketing budgets, companies are starting to recognize the potential of live chat. BoatChat is a proven leader in the industry, with the highest sold-unit ratio of any provider. Call or chat with us now to learn how we help dealers sell more watercraft.

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