Quit missing boat deals with live chat!

– Chat and text on boat dealer websites boost sales

Sell more boats with website live chat and text

Sell more boats with website live chat and text

It’s a pretty safe bet that a typical boat shopper has also shopped for a car. Which means they’ve submitted a form lead at some point only to never hear a reply. Engaging website visitors with live chat with 24-hour operators is the quickest and smartest way for boat dealers to boost sales from their website by 50 percent or more.

If you’re selling boats or yachts, you wouldn’t want a shopper wandering around your showroom or lot without being greeted, so the same goes for your website. Various live chat icons around the page are available if the shopper LOOKS for a way to chat. But the most important element is the pop-up proactive invite that has been scientifically-tested to appear after a carefully-timed interval. It is the virtual equivalent of a salesperson or receptionist greet the customer when they walk on the lot.

A typical dealer website has a unique visitor rate of about 70 percent of total visits, with only 2 percent typically submitting a form lead. Since 68 percent or so of all visitors will never come back, doesn’t it make sense to do everything you can to grab a little more of that lost potential? Website chat and text from BoatChat can typically help you boost the form lead count by half or more.

So if you can have someone respond to visitors who chat or text around the clock and increase online boat sales, doesn’t it make sense? Instead of ‘walking’ the boat shopper traffic you can convert them to leads – and sales.

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