Secrets to get more from boat dealer website chat and text

Generate leads from more than just the website

BoatChat text and website chat helps boat dealers grow leads

BoatChat text and website chat helps boat dealers grow leads from more than just their website

Adding live chat and / or text messaging to your marine dealership website is one of the smartest marketing moves a boat dealer can make. But the leads from this technology don’t stop there. The website is just the beginning. A great benefit of live chat is that it can be used across virtually all digital and so-called traditional marketing channels.

With many BoatChat installations, dealers can use a special URL (which can be shortened with tools like, and our website text has a dedicated phone number for the store. This URL or phone number can – and should be included in virtually all advertising, including:

  • YouTube / Television video ads
  • Online or newspaper classifieds
  • Alternate websites and Microsites
  • Social media posts and ads
  • Adwords
  • Pandora / Radio ads
  • Email campaigns / Direct mail
  • Live chat / text in the showroom and lot also boosts leads

Even more ways to use chat and text

The opportunities for more chat and text leads don’t stop there. Here are a few examples how dealers can post the link or phone number offline to connect with more customers:

  • Stickers or window clings on the inventory (or at boat shows)
  • Post it with the dealership hours and phone numbers on the entrance
  • Print the information on delivery paperwork envelopes or service repair orders.

Chat and text are also an easy way for customers to contact the dealership with customer service issues. These technologies can not only help boost website leads have potential to generate quality customer contact information in other ways. Don’t just ‘set it and forget it’ on your boat dealer website.

Contact us today via phone, chat, or text to schedule a quick web demo of our award-winning chat software and chat support.


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