How Get Better Website Engagement and Turn It into More Boat Sales

Your website traffic is good. The sales rate is not so good.
What now?

Engage and convert with live chatYou work hard to get visitors to your boat dealership’s website from search engines, social media, paid advertising and maybe even a little prayer. But what happens when people get to your website? Do they stick around for just a moment or two and move along – “nothing to see here”, or are you engaging your website’s users and converting them to sales leads? All the top Google rankings, lowest per-click ad rates, and Facebook Likes in the world don’t mean very much without those conversions.

So, how do you get more conversions from your website? One key part of many conversion optimization strategies is to increase engagement between your business and your website visitors.


A long-standing piece of internet marketing advice has been to ask for feedback. You’ve probably seen blog articles that end with something like, “Have you ever done this? Tell us what you think in the comments”. Seems easy enough, and it does improve user engagement – but it doesn’t really work very well as a sales tool.

Related Content

Linking to related content on your own website can help make visitors want to stick around a little longer by pointing them in the direction of your other awesome content. This helps demonstrate your expertise and knowledge, and can help build trust. But again, not a lot of conversions come from related content.


Another common recommendation is to use video. People do like to watch videos. Whether it is on YouTube or on your own website, videos can educate about your products or services, or simply entertain people and give your web presence a more human quality. Indirectly, both of those things can lead to increased conversion rates, but they are not likely to result in a massive surge of leads and sales unless your videos are very good at persuading potential customers.


Where does the conversion increase come from?

It may not look like it at first, but those engagement methods do indirectly lead to conversions. By being more personal, demonstrating expertise and maybe just being more likable, you are doing things that can help people warm up to you and your business. Eventually those people may find their way back to you… or not.
Website engagement is also reported to have an impact on how search engines like Google treat your site, too. But that is all stuff that should be part of your long term growth strategy – and we’re talking about increasing conversions here.

Engage and Convert Faster

You can speed up the whole process of engaging website visitors and turning them into prospects with (wait for it…) live chat. That doesn’t mean you simply add any old chat widget to the site and have it nag people constantly. Instead, proactively use live chat on your website to enhance other engagement methods. 

live chat for feedback

Feedback with Chat

Rather than just asking a question and hoping for an answer, chat operators can ask specific questions and follow up with visitors while they are using your website.



Be helpful with live chat

Chat About Related Content

Maybe those three or four articles in your related posts widget are not exactly helpful. A good live chat operator can quickly reference other pages or products on your site that will be more useful for a particular shopper’s needs.



chat about video

Video with Chat

By initiating a chat when a visitor is about to watch a video on your site, you can give them “spoilers” – key points to watch for in the video they are about to watch. And you can stick with the viewer to answer any questions they may have during the video.



Start engaging and converting more of your website’s traffic

Chatware is not just another live chat solution for your business’ website. Chatware is “Driven by Data and Guided by Science” in our mission to provide the best proactive chat software you can get.
Call us at 1-800-601-0682, or chat with us to find out how we can help you engage and convert more of your website visitors.

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