SMS Text Chat: Another Way BoatChat Makes Internet Sales Easier for Boat Dealers

Boat dealers using BoatChat now have the option to include SMS Text Chat on their websites.

With smartphone usage at an all time high for web shoppers in nearly every category, give your boat dealership website’s visitors the opportunity to communicate with your via their preferred method: SMS text messaging. Jeff Sterns, Vice President of Sales said, “A large percentage of shoppers will actually prefer text over chat, so we’ve added that capability”.
BoatChat SMS Texting Features

Engage with your marine dealership website’s mobile visitors with SMS text messaging.


Conversations can start on a desktop PC or mobile device

BoatChat’s SMS Text conversations can be initiated from a link on the website whether the user is on a desktop PC or a smart phone. It uses a double opt-in system to ensure compliance with telecommunications rules and a quality experience for your shoppers. Visitors click the SMS TEXT link, select the opt-in box, add their phone number and send the request. Then they receive an initial text message on their phone asking them to authorize the chat conversation. After that, the chat operator can interact them live, just as they would in a normal chat conversation.

Did you ever start an online chat and couldn’t stick around to complete it? With SMS text chat, your site’s users can start a conversation and finish it whenever it is convenient for them. “With text they can participate in the conversation as time allows. For example, they can ask a few questions during their lunch break and pick up the discussion after work or school”, says Sterns. Your operators can participate in conversations through the BoatChat console just as they do now.

Other key features of BoatChat’s SMS Text Chat include:

  • Simple and convenient
  • Save a conversation in the console and continue at later time
  • Shoppers don’t need data or wifi connection to use it
  • Allows for local phone numbers

You can even put a local number on your signage, business cards, or other marketing materials saying, “text us now” to gather contact information any time.

Since the shopper has already provided their phone number, they are more likely to be open to getting a call back from your business.

SMS Text Chat is yet another way BoatChat makes it easier for people to business with you online.

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