Sell More Boats Through Social Media with Facebook Messenger and BoatChat

Social media (especially Facebook) is now an integral art of everyone’s life, and people expect an instant response when they reach out to any business online. This is particularly important on Facebook, the most popular and frequently used social media platform. Facebook users not only expect a nearly immediate reply, they also want a real answer, not an automated “bot” reply.


Get more boat sales leads

Faster Response Times, Better Responses

BoatChat’s Facebook integration helps car dealers give customers the instant and useful response they are looking for. Gone are Facebook Messenger response times of hours or days. with not only cuts your response time to instantaneous, our skilled 24-hour chat operators can help a marine dealership get a staggering conversion rate from the dealership website. Our team is trained to improve your shoppers’ experience on your website, and get that essential lead information for you.


  • Cut response time to seconds.
  • Generate more boat sales leads with social.
  • Connect with your social followers.
  • Direct Facebook Ads to your Messenger and let us generate a lead.
  • Enhance the shopper’s experience.
  • 24/7 live coverage (optional).


Want to Learn How to Sell More Boats with Facebook and

Contact us here, call 1-800-601-0682, or send us a message on Facebook for more info!


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