Donzi, Baja, Fountain Brands Return – Use Live Chat To Talk To Shoppers About Them!

Website chat from BoatChat is an ideal way to engage boaters shopping for a Fountain 47 Lightning
Website chat from BoatChat is an ideal way to engage boaters shopping for a Fountain 47 Lightning

Boat dealers looking to sell these iconic brands being relaunched should remember the importance of website chat. Boating Industry reported last week that North Carolina-based Iconic Marine Group is investing heavily to relaunch Donzi / Donzi Classic, Baja Marine, and Fountain Powerboats, as well as the Pro-Line brand. With the addition of Bank of the West as their wholesale financial source, these boats can’t be far from showrooms.

That’s where website chat comes into play. The rebirth of these legendary brands is already attracting interest in social media. At its core, chat is an engagement tool that helps dealers better connect with boat or yacht shoppers who are on their website. Without it, boat dealer websites are merely a static brochure with an inventory list and (hopefully) a contact form that isn’t too difficult to find and complete.

“The purpose of website chat is to generate quality lead information”

Donzi 43 ZR

Dealers adding the Donzi 43 ZR to their inventory need website chat to connect with internet boat shoppers

Nobody woke up this morning planning to have a live chat on a boat dealer website, any more than someone walked on your lot HOPING someone would walk up and ask what they want. But both activities get a shopper into the sales process and closer to putting a boat on their lift.

The purpose of chat isn’t to sell a boat on the website. The purpose of website chat is to generate quality lead information so a salesperson can follow up. Giving a shopper more information, helping them find information on the website and request a service appointment are all collateral benefits, but the first goal is to generate a lead.




 To generate a boat sales lead effectively here are four fundamentals with chat that dealers should remember:

  • Use a chat product that is optimized for mobile websites
  • Answer a chat request within 10 seconds (or have a live chat company like BoatChat handle on your behalf)
  • Act as an online operator, provide basic assistance, and ASK for contact information
  • Respond to ALL leads that come into the dealership within minutes – not hours or days (some never respond)

Anyone who loves boats has to be cheering for the relaunch of the Donzi, Baja Marine, Fountain Powerboats, and Pro-Line boat brands. And dealers who want to sell them need to be sure their digital marketing is ready for this influx of business. Quality website chat from BoatChat should be one of the first things on that list.

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