Why BoatChat is the best live chat solution for your boat dealership website

Engage and convert with live chatSelling boats online can be a challenge for many dealers given the relatively low lead conversion rates many websites have. When boat shoppers look at websites, they typically have little interest in sharing their contact information through a contact form. Where BoatChat.com scores high is in our chat processes and scripts that proactively engage with website visitors and get that contact info! Our innovative live chat software and trained chat operators deliver high performance leads that can help you sell more boats.

Delivering Leads

BoatChat’s live chat scores high on delivering quality leads. The chat software is intuitive and is directly integrated with your dealership’s inventory. When visitors browse your website, they can be proactively engaged with our chat suite.

Live Chat 24/7

BoatChat has a team of fully trained live chat operators that are adept at handling incoming chats and converting leads into sales. Our operators answer promptly and instantly to dealer inquiries and service requests.

Cutting Edge Technology

We also have a full-time software development team that constantly improves the chat software that seamlessly integrates with your website. SignalR technology maximizes reliability on all devices – mobile or desktop.

Marine dealers trust BoatChat to connect with internet shoppers around the clock. Boatchat is the best live chat platform that suits your sales and marketing needs. You can rely on BoatChat to capture all lead information for you so you can sell more boats.

Call, chat, or text us today to schedule your quick web demo.

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